How do I register myself as a buyer?

Create an account using the Create Account option at the top. Provide name, email details and password (validation and magic link for email confirmation will be sent to your registered email address). Interested products preferred by the buyers will be added in the flow of Buyer registration. 

How do I purchase a product from the platform?

Products can be purchased using a quote request flow within the platform. The given product price is a reference for the range of price that the product will be specified. Buyers could raise a specific quote request in order to purchase a product. This quote can be managed from My account -> My Quotes. Once the quote is approved, the product can be added to cart and checked out from the cart. 

What are all the ways I can communicate with the given seller?

Buyers can communicate with the sellers with either one of the methods. 

  1. Raise a quote request and communicate using threads & forums from the raised quote request. 
  1. Chat with the buyers who have uploaded the product from product detail page to negotiate the terms quickly. 
  1. Go to seller profile page and contact the seller to drop a mail using the form available

Is there an offline payment method for an order?

Yes, there is an offline payment method available during the checkout. However, these must be negotiated with the seller before product purchase accordingly. 


How do I become a seller?

  • Create an account using the Create Account option at the top. Provide name, email details and password (validation and magic link for email confirmation will be sent to your registered email address). An account will be created.  
  • Select Sell option from the top and select Open a Marketplace Shop option button from the bottom.  You will be asked to enter your shop URL to check for the availability and confirmation whether Do you want to become a seller?”.
  • Provide a URL name and confirmation to save. 
  • You could also select Sell- > Open a Marketplace shop option and create a basic account from here.  After which you will be redirected to enter the URL and Seller confirmation.

How do I update my Seller Profile details?

You could add the details to your seller profile once your profile has been approved by the NIBER’s admin team. Seller profile tab will be available under My account section once the profile has been approved. Social media links, Contact number, Shop title (Business name), Company Locality, About company, Country and Meta keywords for SEO optimization. Once the relevant information is added, you could Save the profile.  

Payment information can be added in Payment details text area and Save Payment can be selected. Custom attributes for seller can be added and saved using Save attributes button. 

How can I add a product to my profile as a seller?

Select New Products option from My account menu. Select the attribute set as per your requirement. Custom attribute set can be selected for custom product categories- configuration will be made by NIBER’s admin team as per the request. All attributes are available in Custom attribute set. 

Choose product type as Simple product and Continue to next step. 

Provide product name, description, short description, SKU (Mandatory which is unique per product within NIBERs platform) if needed, price, Number of Stock units, Stock availability as ‘In stock’, Visibility as ‘Catalogue, Search’, tax class & Weighable product (Yes or No), Weight Unit - Unit of Measurement (eg. Per Kilogram or Per Metric Ton or Per Piece, etc). 

Notable fields to be given special attention is 

  1.  Allowed Product Qty on Product Purchase for Customer (if left blank- only 5 quantity of the product can be added to cart at a single purchase) 
  2. Quote status either Default or Enabled to enable the quote request 
  3. Optional attributes which are available for the product can be filled up 

Where can I see my product list which has been added into the Platform?

Seller could go to their Accounts (My accounts) and choose My Product lists option to view the list of their products that has been added. Any particular product can be selected using the name and edited. 

Where can I view the Quote request which came in from the buyer?

Quote request submitted by the buyer can be viewed by selecting Marketplace -> Marketplace Quote system from Seller’s account. Manage Quotes option will be shown on Hovering/clicking the Marketplace Quote system. Here, the seller can view the quote system submitted by the buyers. Internal communication can happen within a quote and the buyer can either approve (for the buyer to purchase) or Reject (for rejecting the quote request) the quote request. 

How do I view the Chat?

Chat history can be viewed by selecting the chat icon related to seller profile. Seller must enable the chat initially for the buyer to contact him through chat. 

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